Wingz autumn fashion

At this time of year, layering isn’t just a fashion statement, it’s a necessity. With the potential for an Indian summer and a freezing cold downpour both just as high, wearing clothes that adapt to the climate is definitely the way forward for fashionistas who value comfort as well as style.

The Milan Fashion Week reports and photos have been an inspiration to layer lovers everywhere, with transitional weather conditions in Italy dictating that the Frow sitters were suitably dressed for all occasions.

We spotted dresses over trousers cropping up several times as a way to layer in style; anyone with a less-than perfect figure will already know the skater dress and leggings/jeans combo as the best way to wear some of this season’s prettiest dresses without worrying that a freak gust of wind will give away their favourite brand of lingerie. Fashion Week took it to a new level with dresses over crisp pressed white trousers, as well as casual cuffed boyfriend jeans.

Another layering trick that people from the UK have probably rocked at some point in their fashion lives (possibly at college) is tying an oversized shirt around the waist — preferably in a contrasting pattern.  Best loved with jeans and as a casual look, the Italian fashion set took it to their well-groomed hearts – along with an unusual combo of baggy jumpsuit and stripy shirt that unkind onlookers might have suggested was influenced by Bob the Builder. Tying a shirt around your waist can be useful for adding a bit of figure definition to a loose-fitting silhouette – and of course it’s also quite handy at bus stops in autumn, to keep your bottom warm…

Our favourite layering trend from the catwalks of Milan was the sleeveless one – oh, so many opportunities for a pair of stylish Wingz! The on-trend show-goers in Milan showed the world just how versatile a sleeveless coat or vest can look when carried off with attitude, and the look can be worn buttoned up like a dress with nothing underneath or worn over a long-sleeve shirt and draped over the shoulders like a cape, leaving endless options for Wingz when the weather gets too cold for exposed arms.

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