brazilian style model


All eyes are on Brazilian style right now with the Olympics on TV and everywhere you look online. Brazil is famous for being image conscious, and famous models like Gisele Bundchen. Alessandra Ambrosio and Adriana Lima don’t do anything to squash that particular stereotype.

What do we know about Brazilian style and fashion though? They’ve certainly influenced our catwalks but what about our fashion choices? A few rules for Brazilian dressing we could all take on board include:

Why wear black when there are so many other colours?

You won’t see black as a wardrobe staple in Brazil, not in the way it is in the UK or US. Brazilians dress as if it’s summer all year round, probably because compared to the UK, it is!

Summer dresses in bright colours dominate the wardrobes of fashion leaders like Marina Larroude, who is now editor of but started out at Vogue Brasil. Black just doesn’t seem such an appealing fashion choice when the sun is out and you’re surrounded by stylish Brazilians in prints and loud colours. Swap your black leggings for a colourful skirt or add some bright red Wingz to a plain top and you’ll instantly brighten your day.


Polished glamour

We aren’t used to warmth over here, so when the sun shows its face, the layers come off, the legs come out and it’s like a race to get as much skin bared to the sun as possible. We need the  vitamin D!

In Brazil there’s a much more reserved approach to glamour, so the cutoff shorts and skimpy vest tops are cast away in favour of glamorous sun dresses and feminine styling. It’s too hot to wear much material most of the time, so the Brazilians make the most of what they have and accessorise it with flawless makeup and hair to give the impression that they did more than just throw on a sundress that morning.

The off-the-shoulder trend is a big hit over there at the moment, showing just enough skin to be sexy and adding interest to an everyday dress or top.

Accessorise Brazilian style


The Brazilian ladies love to dress up their fun prints and colourful styles with accessories. Fabulous sunglasses and a gorgeous hat can make any outfit add personality to a look, and no native would be seen without either on a hot day; Brazilian women certainly don’t do sunburn like we do!


photo credit: Maresia via photopin (license)