Christmas Wingz

Christmas is the time of year when women in particular seem to be permanently on call. We’re busy making sure that the festivities are planned down to the nth degree. The presents are bought and wrapped. The tree and assorted decorations are up and the dinner is planned – if we haven’t managed to wangle an invitation to somewhere else for Christmas dinner.

If you have young kids, chances are your life has revolved around Nativity plays, Christmas concerts and all the run up to the big day for excited little people. The festive music and films are on and ‘Elf’ has been watched – have you had the annual argument about whether ‘Die Hard’ is a Christmas film or not?

If you’re at work all day, or even part of the day, there’s the Christmas parties and Secret Santa to think about. What do you get for the woman in accounts who you hardly know, for under £10? The thought of time off to yourself over Christmas and New Year looms ahead and the opportunity to get to the shops, or to fetch your undelivered orders from the sorting office in time to wrap them up and give them to who they are intended for is getting further and further away…

And then we get snow…

It’s time that you took some time out for yourself, poured a large cup of tea, glass of wine or whatever floats your boat and just relaxed. Christmas does feel like one big hassle, but don’t forget that you need down time too. Christmas and New Year are a time to take stock of your year, to sit back and enjoy good times with the family and your friends, and to think about everything you want to do NEXT year.

Make sure that as well as looking out for everyone else this festive season, you take care of yourself. Don’t give all the best party food to the kids. Don’t feel guilty about sneaking upstairs for a long soak in the bath while everyone else is glued to Eastenders. Let someone else do the washing up.

Festive cheer begins at home…have a great one xx

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