Wingz grey Tuesday


You know what we’re like at Wingz – we LOVE to be a bit different. That’s why we decided that this year, instead of following the crowd and having a big ‘Black Friday’ sale, we’re going to lead it with a ‘Grey Tuesday’ discount for 24 hours on Tuesday 22nd November.

EVERYTHING on the website will be on sale at a whopping, festive (well it’s almost that time already, isn’t it? The John Lewis advert came out this week) 30% off the normal price, but it’s only going to be available for ONE day so you’ll have to get in in quickly before you miss it.

Why Grey Tuesday?

Why did we go for Grey Tuesday? Well, we didn’t want our gorgeous Wingz to be trampled in the rush for cheap TVs and tablets. We also wanted to have a bit of fun with the idea – let’s face it, what do you think of when you think of November days? Grey. Rainy, cold, grey days. That’s why we decided Tuesday would be a good day as well. It’s just that sort of nondescript day that’s not as much of a shock to the system as a Monday, but is too far away from Friday to be excited about the weekend.

So – GREYTUESDAY it is. And that’s the code you need to use at checkout all day on 22nd November. Nice and easy to remember!

Wingz – officially top of the fashionistas’ wish list!

In other news, we were impressed with some editorial in The Times the other day. We weren’t mentioned by name but it would seem that Wingz have a definite advantage in the fashion stakes as sleeves are IN. The trouble is, dress manufacturers don’t seem to have caught up on this trend yet and are still insisting on making everything sleeveless. But, as Harriet Walker explained:

“The reason sleeved dresses are now a firm favourite among fashion editors and the red carpet crowd is that reducing the amount of flesh on show (often blotchy and goose pimpled in our case, although perhaps not in theirs) instantly means you look less ‘done’ – even if your dress is covered in sequins.

“Sleeves are the quick fix answer to all your worries. Full length, three quarter, perhaps with a bit of pouf or volume to them, sleeves represent not only the most modern way to wear a party dress but also the most chic.”

Read the full article HERE – Wear what you like- as long as it has sleeves

So, you read it here (and in The Times) first – sleeves are the way forward for all your Christmas parties, New Year parties and just fashion generally. It’s even better if they are interchangeable with your outfit. And yes, we have full length, three quarter length and sleeves with a bit of bouf and volume. We also have lace, chiffon, viscose, plain, coloured and patterned. Take your pick!

Which Wingz will you be investing in on Grey Tuesday?