3/4 Length Stretch Fitted Wingz in Black™


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Slinky, black and stretchy, our most popular Wingz are slim fitting and sophisticated. These gorgeous 3/4 length black Wingz the perfect length arm coverage for work days and casual evenings. They also look fantastic under sleeveless dresses for a big night out.

Being jet black means they go with just about everything and they are super comfy – the snug sleeves are attached to a slim under bust band that keeps them firmly in place, so you’ll forget you’re wearing them – apart from the compliments you’ll get!

Our reviewers say they are very versatile – blogger Charlie from Gin Fuelled Bluestocking says;

Knee boots, woolly tights, jumpers, huge big snuggly cardigans that for the rest of the year languish in a suitcase with all my other winter gear. But it also makes me a little bit sad.

 “I have lots of dresses…. but they have one let down. They’re sleeveless. I don’t really want to hide them under a cardigan, it defeats the object. I want to show off these gorgeous dresses, but I also, well, I won’t want to be cold.

“For some, sure I can put a long-sleeved top on underneath – treat it like a pinafore dress. But others, it just looks bulky and a bit odd. A little while ago I spotted a trend in the US and now, finally, it’s hit our shores. I have discovered Wingz Fashion.”

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Also available in white.



(image credit: http://ginfuelledbluestocking.co.uk/)

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