White 1/2 sleeve super thin viscose stretch Wingz™


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Style up your sleeves with a pair of white 1/2 sleeve Wingz. These gorgeously soft, stretchy Wingz are the perfect addition to any wardrobe if you love a sleeve but you’re not a fan of long sleeves. You can pop them on under almost any sleeveless outfit and nobody will know they aren’t actually part of the outfit.

You can wear them all day – the lightweight jersey viscose is easy to wear, and the convenient under-bust band means they stay put as long as you need them. You won’t even know they’re there unless you can’t resist showing them off.

The sleeves finish just below the elbow and are fab for casual wear with a cute, contrasting sleeveless top and jeans. They also look sophisticated under a sleeveless dress for a party – even a low cut one – as there’s no bulky extra fabric on show. Say goodbye to the cardi cover-up and show your best outfits off in style with Wingz.

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Emma from Belles and Babes said;

Wingz add that bit of extra warmth on your arms without adding all that bulk, and the way they are designed they won’t show around the neckline even with a broad or low-cut neckline.

 “I’m a massive fan of anything which makes good use of your existing wardrobe and means that you don’t need to spend lots of money on new clothes when the weather starts getting cooler. And actually, I can never find nice long-sleeved tops in the shops (why is that?!), so this is the perfect solution.”

Also available in black



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