keeping cool with wingz


There’s nothing that we Brits love more than a moan about the weather, and keeping cool in the heat is top of our summer complaints (followed by ‘where is the summer?’)

Let’s face it, we have more changeable weather than a lot of places, and we all know the summer dilemma of not knowing what on EARTH to wear to work because yesterday it was raining and today the forecast is 30-plus degrees.

Well, quite apart from genius fashion fixes like Wingz, experts have come up with a few other ways to keep cool when the weather turns Sahara on us.

The armpit fan

A Japanese company has come up with a way to keep armpits from getting too sweaty (and whiffy) in summer heat. They’ve invented a fan that you can clip on to your sleeves or the front buttons of a shirt. The fan blows a constant stream of cool air to one of the hardest areas to keep fragrant in high temperatures and humidity.

The Thanko Electric Armpit Clip-on Cooler Fan is lightweight and easy to use, and on especially warm days a couple of AAA batteries will keep it running for anything up to nine hours. That’s enough to get you through a sweltering day in the office where stripping off just isn’t an option. It also charges on a USB so it’s really handy if the temperature rises unexpectedly and you just need a bit of a cool down. They cost about £25 so if sweaty armpits are the bane of your summer, it could be worth an investment?

armpit fan keep cool summer wingz

The ice vest

What about an ice vest? These have been on sale for a while and are used by athletes, people with MS and in some industries where keeping cool is paramount. They are lightweight vests which can stay cool for up to two hours, reducing your skin temperature while keeping your body temperature stable.

The bra liner

Hands up if you hate the little sweaty patches that form under your bra on a warm day? Well, did you know there’s a fix for that? Called Wick ‘em Bra Liners? these ingenious things are made from high-tech, super soft moisture management fabric. The liners are also helpful for women recovering from breast surgery or breast cancer treatments. You can buy them on eBay and Amazon (they are a US product).

wickem bra liners keep cool

Of course, the thing about UK weather is that it generally doesn’t stay the same for long. So if you’re struggling to keep cool in sweltering temperatures, don’t worry, it will probably be grey and cool again by the time you’ve got to the end of this blog post…