Portrait of young beautiful girl under a umbrella in an autumn rainy day

Yes it’s November. It’s cold and wet, the coats and boots are back (I hope you’ve got some Wingz stashed in your handbag for ‘chilly arm’ moments on nights out too?). With grey skies and dark evenings, there’s an air of ‘meh’ around, so we’re countering that with a little Feel Good Friday to make you smile on a grotty day. And hey – it’s almost the weekend, too!

Take a few minutes to make a list of things you can do to brighten up your day; we’ll get you started with a few of our favourites.

1. Avoid the news. All day. That means SKY News, newspapers, the Mail Online (oh yes, especially the Mail Online). If you don’t think you can manage it, you need to download an app called Tea and Kittens. Their famous Kitten Block gets in there first and diverts you if click on a Daily Mail link, and treats you to a really cute picture of kittens instead. It’s got to be better than side boob and cellulite.

2. Pick a film that you really want to see, and go to the cinema on your own. Treat yourself to a bag of popcorn or pick & mix too, spoil yourself with an afternoon off. You don’t need to take anyone with you, and at least there’ll be nobody fidgeting or looking at their watch as you enjoy your favourite rom-com/horror/comedy.

3. Create a cheesy for your MP3 player or on Spotify. Spend some time choosing your favourite songs and either dance around the room to it when everyone else is out. If you can’t get any time to yourself, either get the others join in or plug yourself in to the music and go for a really long walk.

4. Take the kids out to the park, to feed the ducks, or even just out in the garden. Chase them around, tickle them, play hide and seek and be a kid yourself for a bit.  We don’t laugh enough as adults, that’s why we have things like ‘Laughter Therapy.’ And kids. (PS: If it’s wet, teach them to jump in puddles. It’s the best way to get through a rainy afternoon.)

5. Eat whatever you like. Go on. If you’re on a diet, throw caution to the wind. The only proviso is you have to really enjoy it. No shovelling it down and looking over your shoulder to see if anyone’s watching. If you need help with this, get inspired and watch “Eat Pray Love” on DVD and see how Julia Roberts learns to appreciate yummy food again when she’s in Rome.
What are your top five ideas for brightening up a dull day?