Real women wear wingz

Fashion and accessorising are two of our biggest passions at Wingz, and we’re never happier than when we’re working with fantastic lifestyle and fashion bloggers to get great Wingz reviews.

It amazes us, the sheer effort and creativity that fashion bloggers put into writing and taking gorgeous images of Wingz, as well as the other items they review. Blogging really is a passion and a vocation for many of the people we work with, and seeing how they style outfits using our creations always inspires us – so much so that we use their imagery in our advertising. We know that you love seeing how the other women wear their Wingz in style, and that it inspires you to get creative with your own ideas.

That’s just one reason for launching our ‘Real Women Wear Wingz’ campaign.

When we say, ‘Real Women Wear Wingz’ – we mean ALL women. We love the way that women of all ages, sizes, cultures and gender identities can and do enjoy wearing Wingz and we want to celebrate that. So, we’re asking you to send us your favourite pic of yourself in Wingz. You can message it to us via the Facebook page, or post it there yourself, and we’ll use our favourites in our advertising.

Real Women Wear Wingz OFFER

For every image we use, we’ll send a FREE set of Wingz*. So, if you already have Wingz to hand, get a friend to take a pic of you wearing them, or snap a great selfie, and we’ll give you a FREE set of Wingz if your image is used.

You could be like Sarah, from Sarah Deluxe who styled a fantastic outfit for a date night that featured an awesome pair of jeans with a sexy top and Black Lace Wingz. In her recent Wingz review, Sarah said:

I’ve discovered a really clever thing called Wingz. They are little sleeves that fit on under your clothes and add Instant arm coverage to any item. So, if you want to tone something down by adding on sleeves, you can!

You slip them on under your top and they’re so comfortable and easy to wear. Whatever the neckline you’re wearing, they work well and this pretty black lace pair are super delicate and worked perfectly with the lace bodysuit.”

She also described Wingz as “Genius!”


Aw, Sarah we love you. And your jeans.

Another recent Wingz review described them as genius too – we’re starting to get big-headed! This most recent October review was from the lovely Laura from A Life with Frills who tested out our fabulous chiffon Wingz. She reviewed us along with a few other fab gadgets and goodies, and said;

“{Wingz} can also really transform an outfit and allow you to wear the same dress twice. They come in different styles and colours too. I think it’s genius!”

We totally agree.

If you fancy a set of FREE Wingz, pop along to our Facebook Page and get in touch with us. Help us prove that real women really do wear Wingz.