long white sleeve with black string bow tie style details. Close up trendy fashion.

So…now we’re experiencing the joys of British Summer Time, our thoughts inevitably turn to autumn – or more specifically autumn fashion. This year’s autumn sleeves are following on from some of the trends set this spring, and the statement sleeve is unlikely to be going anywhere anytime soon.

The catwalks this year were full of examples of sleeves with a twist – designers like Chloé, and Carven featured the bell sleeve that’s been trying to make an appearance on the high street this summer and has emerged into some of the more fashion forward mainstream shops. Has the statement sleeve really taken off anywhere other than the fashion media though? The jury is still out.

Everyone can wear a statement sleeve

With another season of sleeve domination, people might start to get a little more daring, especially as summer warmth turns to an autumn chill. There’s always a thirst for Sixties and Seventies retro styles and sleeves were a big thing for some of the more Avant garde sixties stars and seventies fashion models. Imagine the floaty dresses of the early seventies, all chiffon sleeved and dreamy – we have the Chiffon Wingz to replicate that era if the look takes off again (and all signs are that Stevie Nicks’ style is making a massive comeback, and Boho is the way to go)

One key look that’s sure to dominate is the flared sleeves on dresses, jackets and tops —with extras like drawstrings, ruffles, pleats and layers. If you’re more of a ‘less is more’ fashion shipper, you can adapt plainer tops and dresses – soft flounces add a subtle edge to button-up blouses and look good on drop-shoulder seams.  Flowy, puffy sleeves are a classic romantic style that appeals to women of all ages and unlike some recent trends like sheer fabrics, anyone can wear a statement sleeve with confidence. It’s the kind of fashion statement that isn’t restricted to younger women or even women with fabulous figures. Girls, we can ALL rock a flowsy sleeve!

Extra-long arms are an impractical extension (quite literally) to the trend that most of us probably wouldn’t buy into, not for everyday wear anyway. If you want to opt for a super-long sleeve this autumn, it’s a good idea to start with knitwear, where you can get away with sleeves that are too long for your arms – we’ve all worn our boyfriend’s jumpers haven’t we? Flowing, over-long sleeves look amazing on the catwalk but are absolutely going to end up getting on your nerves (and in your dinner).

Even denim designers are getting in on the statement sleeve act, and its an easy one to buy into with jackets that have split seams, panels, cut outs, frayed edges and anything else they can think of to brighten up a plain denim sleeve.

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What’s your favourite statement sleeve trend this year so far?