Wingz review

Georgina in her Wingz

We love it when one of our favourite reviewers posts a Wingz review – and so when this review appeared from the gorgeous Georgina at She Might be Loved we were really chuffed.

Georgina has modelled for Scarlett & Jo at Evans and has a fantastic blog, so we were really pleased she loved her Wingz. She said;

“I was sat there one night wondering how on earth I was meant to afford an Autumn wardrobe, let alone a Winter one. It was in that moment that I suddenly saw Wingz on my Twitter timeline and realised, I don’t have to re-buy a whole new wardrobe, I can simply just add a couple very clever Wingz to it instead and just like that, I was ready.”

You can read the rest of the review here and while you’re there, check out some of Georgina’s other posts, like her autumn fashion wishlist.

The Wingz reviewed by Georgina are the full length black lace Wingz, a firm favourite with our fans. You can buy them here:

Black Lace Full Length Wingz