To a resounding cheer from most of us, I can report that strapless and sleeveless dresses are no longer the be-all and end-all in wedding gown chic, the sleeve is back!

For years now, women of all shapes and sizes have sighed in despair at the endless parade of strapless dresses worn by celebs and fashionistas, which in turn have inspired dress designers to create ever more gravity defying frocks that don’t flatter anyone except Ms Perfect. If you’re lacking in the boob department, a sleeveless, strapless frock just draws attention to the fact you don’t have a lot to hang the dress on.

If you’re the opposite, everything seems to hang out, there’s no support and if you’re not careful, your expensive wedding dress will just make you look a wee bit – busty wench. And who wants to spend the best day of their life constantly hoiking up a dress, whether your logistical problem is too much or too little!
It was lovely to see the gorgeous Fearne Cotton (now Wood) in her classic, and oh-so classy cap sleeved dress earlier this month. I’m also a little bit in love with the fabulous sequin detail around the neckline and those shoes. But enough Fearne worship. The point is, where fashion icons like Fearne lead, others will follow.
Poppy Delevingne also opted for a subtle cap sleeve when she married James Cook in a stunning Chanel dress . With Cara as chief bridesmaid, she wasn’t going to let herself be upstaged…

A full lace sleeve is another option that’s been popular since the big Royal wedding of 2011….copied beautifully by Kelly Clarkson in October last year when she married Brandon Blackstock.

It might take time for the sleeves to filter back onto the shelves of upmarket wedding boutiques, so we’ve tried to imagine what a few sleeveless dresses might look like if we added Wingz…



Did you/would you get married in a strapless dress? Or have you been scouring the shops looking for a dress that covers some of your arms? What’s your take on the sleeveless debate?