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Hands up who has enjoyed the recent dose of sunshine, an unexpected return to summertime that we’ve experienced in the past week? Hands up if you also hurriedly scurried to the wardrobe and sighed at last year’s summer wardrobe? Are you in need of a bit of spring bling?

The thing is, most of us have only just put our winter coats away. In fact, many of us in the UK were still wearing them just over a week ago when the unseasonably glorious weather decided to make its entrance. So, we haven’t had a chance to get out there and see what’s on the high street for summer 2018 – we just weren’t expecting it!

Savvy fashionistas looking after the pennies might recycle – as per one of our most recent Wingz reviewers, Fiona said;

“There are loads of different styles of wings available (Find them here) so matching them up with items you already have should be easy and it could bring a whole new lease of life to some of the old clothes clogging up your wardrobe.”

“Wingz should also help you get the most from the clothes you already do have – meaning you need to buy less as items you already have can now be used in a variety of ways.”

Read the rest of Fiona’s review here

We mentioned the top trends in spring bling recently – and it’s not all about platform Crocs and feather trims, lace is still hot! Accessorising is definitely the way forward, so if you sigh with boredom when you look deep into your wardrobe, get some flashy accessories, add some colour and of course, add some Lace Wingz, which let you get your fill of lovely warm breeze and spring/summer sunshine, but don’t overheat your arms when the temperature is rising.

spring bling Michelle

They look pretty awesome, too. Lynne, who isn’t keen on showing her arms because of a skin condition, but still feels the heat, says:

“I was over the moon to get the chance to try these Wingz, as I knew how easy they are to wear. I always feel like a kid when I get the delivery, I know there will be some fun playing around with outfits.

“I decided to see what old dresses I had hanging in my wardrobe and seeing if I could give them a new lease of life. This is the result and I am pleased to say that I not only received compliments, I also felt covered, but not hidden and really comfortable. The pattern hid my crap skin enough, while the lace design meant the air was still getting to my skin.”

Lynne’s full review is here:

Lovely Michelle from The Willowtree agreed:

“Not only is Wingz a perfect solution for mixing up your wardrobe a bit without having to buy more tops and dresses, but it’s also perfect for that body conscious person too.  When seeking feedback from friends and family about Wingz, some said that they are conscious of their arms and this would be perfect for them to give that extra bit of ‘cover up’.  One friend suffers with eczema and so she said this would be ideal for her as she can still wear the dresses she still owns wearing the sleeves, without having to purchase new outfits.”

Michelle’s full review can be found here…

If you want to get your hands on some spring bling, ALL our lace Wingz are still reduced so if you want to go for sophisticated black like Lynne and Michelle, or perhaps white lace is more your thing, get them while you can!

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