Strictly come dancing Wingz

This time of year is one of my favourite TV times; Strictly Come Dancing is back!

I’m unashamedly obsessed with the sparkles and frills the celebs wear every week, and I spend ages scrutinising the sequins just as much as I do the dance steps, which, as an owner of two left feet I tend to leave to the experts.

This year is no different. I’m loving some of the individual (is that a polite way of saying odd?) outfit choices the celebs have made. It’s been reported that in fact this year is going to be less raunchy, costume-wise, than past years, and the first two weeks seems to be confirming that. Contestants were wary of getting their lumps and bumps out on show – which is hardly surprising when they are dancing with super-fit professionals. Unless you’re a model like Daisy Lowe or an Olympic gymnast like Claudia Fragapane!

Strictly Come Dancing – all the best costumes

So far, we’ve had Ed Balls dressed as The Mask, Judge Rinder’s bare chest and some amazing costumes for the Viennese waltzes – they always seem to do make a real effort to make the women dancing the waltz look demure and a little bit princess-y.

In an interview with The Sunday People, Daisy Lowe said that she wanted to use her time on Strictly to improve her own body image – even models get insecure, it seems. Although she was dressed in a totally un-revealing Mary Poppins style costume last weekend, she said;

I have had times in my life when I have been unable to get out of bed because I have felt so insecure. Every day we’re shown images about the perfect body and what it should be – but we just have the one that we live in.”

Daisy’s opening outfit was  demure too – a beautiful floaty dress that she wore to dance to ‘Unforgettable’ – which she dedicated to her late granddad. It must have brought a lump to our collective throats as she won the first week’s competition.

Anastacia also seems to be forgoing her usual sexy image to cover up a bit for the competition. The fabulous hot pink dress she wore for week one covered her arms, and was actually pretty simple, with just a few sequins on the shoulders and fringing around the hem. Arm coverage seems to be a bit of a theme for some of the older ladies; the dress she wore for the launch was also gorgeous but not revealing at all.

Hot pink was a hit with Lesley Joseph – the oldest ever female contestant at a stunning 70 years young. She also waltzed to the old ‘Birds of a feather’ theme tune – nice touch!  I don’t care what the judges said, I think she’s amazing and if I have that much energy at 70 I’ll be more than happy.

So, if you want to copy the current Strictly Come Dancing look, it seems as if sleeves are the order of the day, along with elegant dresses and LOTS of sequins.

We suggest adding some arm coverage with our new lace Wingz, complete with scalloping detail that gives you a touch of elegance. Chiffon Wingz are also wonderful for full arm coverage without the stretch, and add a bit of glamour and colour to any outfit, ballroom or otherwise.


I’ll be watching Strictly Come Dancing avidly this year to see whether the trend for covering up carries on – or whether the glamorous ladies start to reveal a bit more as the weeks pass!