summer fashion dilemmas wingz

It’s a fantastic time of year for fashion – gorgeous dresses, bold patterns, pretty strappy shoes. But these fashion moments all come with their associated fashion dilemmas – thankfully Wingz are on hand to help you solve the problems and enjoy your summer wardrobe!

Here are a few ‘oops’ moments that you can easily solve with a little clever tweaking.

Pale legs and shorts

You get your legs out to catch some rays and they are Just. Too. White.

Break yourself in gently. You can try and add some colour with fake tan, accept that your legs are pale and embrace the look or opt for three quarter length jeans and leggings, working up to knee length and then go for the Daisy Dukes once you’re happy with the shade.

Alternatively, wear bright coloured shorts instead of denim and they’ll take the focus away from the colour of your legs!

Getting red marks from garden furniture

We’ve all been there – shorts or swimwear and plastic barbecue seats don’t mix. You get up on a hot day with a squelch, only to find you’ve got weals all up the back of your legs.

This one’s simple. Just take a wrap or kimono with you and drape it over the chair before you sit down. You then have a perfect cover up for later in the day when it gets cooler and no angry red marks on your legs.

Climbing stairs in a maxi dress or skirt.

Tripping over your beautiful new maxi dress in public isn’t glamorous and neither is getting it trapped as you walk up and down stairs. As far as fashion dilemmas go, it’s a toughie. If you love the swish of a maxi but want the convenience of not tripping on your own hem, you could always opt for a mullet dress? These really are a thing. Also known as dipped hem, they are longer at the back than they are at the front, which means you can swish them to your heart’s content but you won’t get them under your feet on steps.

Top of the fashion dilemmas list: Sleeveless EVERYTHING

You know what we’re going to say about this particular fashion dilemma don’t you? If you are self-conscious about your arms, trying to avoid sunburn and mozzie bites and generally just want to cover up your arms, Wingz are the way forwards. You can treat yourself to the most gorgeous sleeveless dress in Monsoon, safe in the knowledge that you don’t have to cover it up with a cardi or a shrug just to avoid getting your arms chomped by the wildlife, you can slip on some pretty, floaty Wingz and they look as if they were there all along.


silver snake print wingz

AND they won’t get too hot.

What are your dreaded summer fashion dilemmas?