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It’s never simple fitting in with an office dress code, and at this time of the year it can be even harder. It was something like 13 degrees this morning but by lunchtime it was 20-plus so anything that was designed to keep you warm on the commute into work would be way too hot once you get into the office/shop or wherever you work.

If there’s air-con there’s another layer of awkward to negotiate. Warm on the way in, freezing cold all day and boiling hot when you go home. It’s not easy, is it?

If you have a uniform at least you don’t need to worry about what you wear during working hours; the office dress code is sorted. But if there’s an unspoken ‘smart-casual’ work uniform, it can be tricky not to fall foul of expectations, whatever the time of year.

What to wear on your legs

Urgh, summer dilemma.

Fashion magazines would have us prancing around in floaty skirts or smart tailoring, but the fact is that a LOT of women dread wearing a dress or a skirt in summer heat because of two small words.

Chub rub.

It’s not glamorous but we all know what it is. There are great accessories like comfort shorts and ‘big bloomers’ that you can slip on under a skirt if office etiquette dictates leggings under dresses aren’t acceptable.

Do you wear leggings or jeans under tunics and dresses in the summer? They are so much more comfortable than smart tailored trousers and a lot of women love the look, but some employers aren’t so keen. Tailored trousers aren’t great for curvaceous women – they only ever seem to fit in one place; waist or hips. Leggings are a great option for most women if offices and workplaces allow, especially with long flowing summer tunics or a pretty tea dress.

Sleeveless tops and dresses and the office dress code

Do you like having your arms out at work or do you keep them under cover?

Sleeveless isn’t for everyone, but every year it seems to get harder to find dresses and tops with sleeves.  That’s why Wingz are really handy for work. If it’s getting a bit warm you can take them off and pop them into your handbag, and you won’t have to leave them hanging on the back of your chair.

With so many pretty Wingz designs to choose from, there’s no need to cover dresses and tops up with a mumsy cardigan this summer. Just treat yourself to a set of lace Wingz to glam up a day outfit into an evening one for after-work soirees or take some plain black or white stretch Wingz with you to work so that when someone sets the air-con to stun you can retaliate by slipping your Wingz on underneath.

All lace Wingz are currently on offer – get yours now!

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