biker jacket essential fashion items


A self-appointed media style guru has gone on record to say what she thinks the ten essential fashion items are that every woman should have in her wardrobe – and although her list certainly contains some staple choices that most of us probably nod in agreement with, there are a few items that might raise your eyebrows!

Does your wardrobe contain all ten essential fashion items? Obviously, we’d go as far as to say that we think every woman should also own at least one set of Wingz – and if you only get one set, the plain black or white stretch Wingz are probably your best bet for versatility and style. But…onto the expert’s opinion on our wardrobes…

A white shirt

Yep, we can agree with that. A standard wardrobe basic that goes with just about anything and can be worn with anything from a formal work outfit to casual weekend look with jeans. You can make your white shirt a bit more individual by customising it – or you could go for an updated twist and look for one with bell sleeves.

white shirt ten fashion items


A leather biker jacket

Yeah, we can see why this is a good thing to have in your wardrobe but it’s an investment piece rather than a standard wardrobe staple, so should it be one of the essential fashion items that’s non-negotiable? Also, not every woman feels comfortable in a leather jacket, let alone a biker jacket. Admittedly, a decent leather jacket is great for adding a bit of an edge to a floral dress, as well as always, always looking good with jeans.

A black blazer

Another ‘hmm’ take it or leave it item, blazers look great on you if you suit tailoring, or indeed LIKE tailoring. But do you own a black blazer, or do they make you think of being back at school?

A pair of boyfriend jeans

We all love our jeans – although some of us are loathe to ever step away from our skinny fit despite fashion forecasts pointing in the direction of bootcut again after they spent the last ten years in fashion no-man’s-land.

If you love the black blazer look, adding the loose fit jeans is the fashion experts’ preferred way to dress it down, and there’s no denying they will look awesome with a casually styled white shirt.

A Breton striped top

What’s a Breton stripe? You’ll know it when you see it. This French style stripe is most often seen on a tee and is a great casual look – mix and match with jeans and your jackets/blazers. Easy to wear and unlikely to date, we’d agree that it’s probably one of the ten fashion items worth adding something to your capsule collection, although not every woman is a fan of stripes…

breton stripe top essential fashion items

A pair of white trainers

Plain white trainers? Really? Apparently, you can wear these with jeans or a dress but it’s not a look that suits us all, and some of us prefer trainers to stay in the gym.

A little black dress

No arguments from us over this one; and the wonderful thing about the LBD is that it can be as glam or as low-key as you want it to be. And you can, of course, dress up a plain sleeveless LBD with some sexy black lace Wingz if you fancy sleeves.

Statement accessories

This covers a multitude of fashion options but the idea being if you spend a bit more on a really good pair of sunglasses, statement belt or earrings then it’s a good investment. We honestly think this depends on you and your look – some people want to mix things up with seasonal accessories and after all, that’s what they are for, to add an individual flair to a plain outfit? Does the fashion expert know best on this, and do you prefer expensive, long lasting items to cheaper high fashion?

An iconic pair of designer shoes and a handbag

All we’re going to say to that is; Louboutin shoes and Prada handbags are lovely but iconic shoes are probably way too expensive to be a part of every woman’s capsule wardrobe. And if they weren’t, they wouldn’t be so damn aspirational, would they?

A pair of leather trousers

Really? Leather trousers really aren’t for the faint-hearted or anyone vegan. This one’s frankly ridiculous. Plus, to get a really good, comfortable pair of leather trousers you have to pay serious money, and cheap ones will just look…. cheap.

So, how many of the top ten do you have in your collection?