portrait of young asian beautiful muslimah woman posing for a camera

portrait of young asian beautiful muslimah woman posing for a camera


Fashion is fickle; we all know that. But in a world that’s become over-saturated with soap stars and pop princesses trying to ‘out naked’ each other, some women are going the other way and opting to cover up in style instead of showing everyone what they’ve got.

While plus size women are egging each other on to let it all out and wear a bikini to the beach if they feel like it – and good on them for that – many women are doing just the opposite. Whether it’s a reaction to extreme tanning being really uncool, or a general trend, who knows, but one piece swimsuits are way more on trend than skimpy bikinis and thongs right now.

Since last year, fashionistas have been noticing a ‘modesty movement’ which aims to bring a bit of class back to fashion. It’s something that’s gone down well with a lot of religious style bloggers who now have much more material – quite literally – to play with!

Haute Hijab is a case in point; if you take a look at their website there are some stunning images of models in headscarves, professionally styled and looking absolutely fabulous. Apart from the headscarves, the website is just like any mainstream fashion brand’s – tips, images and even style tutorial videos are all there but with a nod to religion and modesty. Although the site is predominantly aimed at Muslim fashionistas, there’s something for conservative Christian and Orthodox Jewish women too, in fact any woman who wants to be stylish without showing loads of skin.

Haute Muslimah is another example of a stylish fashion blog that manages to combine Islamic requirements with modern chic.  It’s not just Muslim women who want to be modest and fashionable,  there are Orthodox Jewish, Mormon and Christian women getting in on the movement and designing clothes that make religious women look and feel great. Dolce & Gabbana have embraced the trend with their latest Abaya collection – its first collection aimed at Muslim fashion lovers with a range of colourful abayas and hijabs in gorgeous prints, featuring satin and lace


Image credit: Stefano Gabbana/Instagram/arabia.style.comdesigns.


Adi Heyman,  founder of http://fabologie.com/Fabologie, a ‘Jewish style site’ has even been profiled by The New York Times, and loves to post images of her favourite style picks on Instagram with the hashtag #modspotting. She says she wants to make it accessible and ‘fabulous’ to be modest.

If modesty is important to you, Wingz are a fabulous and fashionable way to cover up, which give you the freedom to buy strapless tops with all the pretty details you like and add sleeves to them, covering up your arms and not hiding the reasons you bought the top (or dress) in the first place! It can be really hard to find fabulous dresses with sleeves but with Wingz you can wear anything you like – with modesty!