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Fashion should be fun, shouldn’t it? But for some women, frustration is the name of the game with clothes that just aren’t fit for purpose, destined to live at the back of the wardrobe for ever with that old handbag your Nana gave you three years ago that she got from the charity shop.

What really gets on our nerves about fashion in the 21st century?

Clothes don’t keep us warm anymore

Have you noticed this, too? There’s no material, and very little arm coverage. Everything’s delicately crocheted (with big holes in) diaphanous and floaty, and what’s more it exposes parts of us we might not want the world to see, especially not covered in goose bumps and mottled with cold. Low cut necklines, barely there sleeves and tiny skirts all look good in the bedroom as you’re getting ready to go out, but as soon as you hit the night air your sophisticated look is ruined by hunched over posture and uncontrollable shivering. Not to mention the bright red skin in your décolletage after a walk in the cold.

We don’t know what size we need to buy

If men want to buy trousers they just check their waist size and off they go. If a woman wants to buy a pair of jeans she has to think about whether she’s having a fat day, whether the shop is ‘generous’, if they are a young brand like Top Shop or designed for more mature ladies.

We all know that women’s clothes manufacturers have been pretty much changing the rules as they go along since they first started making clothes. We all know that sizes today are more generous than they were 20, 30 or more years ago. That’s not at all helpful. Have you ever looked at a store’s sizing guide on its website? I don’t know about you but I always seem to fit into about three size categories so I end up guessing.

PS: FatPhrocks, our sister brand, is cut for tall, plus size women who aren’t catered for very well elsewhere, and their sizing is generous. Just so you know…

T-shirts are never just T-shirts

If you’re a man, you find a tee, don’t bother to try it on, and buy it. The main consideration is whether the design on the front is appealing. They are normally a pretty standard design unless you go somewhere really hipster when you’ll probably find nothing normal sized exists.

Women have boobs, hips and more to take into account, instead of just a bit of a dad bod for the guys. We don’t usually want a skin tight tee, it’s not comfortable even if you love your body and enjoy showing it off. Baggy tees look pretty horrible on most women too, shapeless garments that just hang and hide everything that’s good about having a female body.

When you find that perfect tee you’re likely to find that a small will be more like a crop top, the large swamps you, or worse still there’s a weird neckline that looks odd. Or it’s ‘fitted’ but doesn’t fit you.

Clothes that need instructions

OK, we’re kind of guilty with Wingz but they are a niche item and specifically sold as fashion arm coverage so we hope you’ll forgive us! The thing is, sometimes you don’t actually know what a garment is supposed to be. Is it a dress or a tunic, a long top or a short dress?  We’ve all laughed at a short skirt and then realised it’s actually a tube top (haven’t we?) and let’s not get started on how to do up a wrap top.

If you’re not actually sure what an item of clothing is for, the best thing to do is step away from the display and find something you understand.

Someone stole all the arms! No arm coverage…

It’s January. You’re looking for a party dress in the sales, and all you can see is rows and rows of dresses with NO SLEEVES. If you feel the cold, don’t like showing your arms or just hate wearing cardigans to cover up pretty outfits, there’s nothing you can buy.

Well, there is, and that’s Wingz. We can’t do much about the fact that posh frocks with sleeves are rare as hen’s teeth, but we can offer a fantastic selection of options for arm coverage where the designers haven’t provided it. Just add a pretty pair of floaty chiffon Wingz, or sophisticated lace, and turn an “I can’t possibly wear this out” to “I look awesome!”

PS: You have one week left to enter our fabulous hamper competition, so get your entries into us soon…have a great Easter.

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