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Wingz – they aren’t quite lingerie but they aren’t outerwear either!

With a product that’s as innovative as Wingz, there are always bound to be questions, and you might be asking a few of these yourself before deciding to take the plunge and treat yourself. So here are the most common questions we’re asked about them.

1. What are Wimgz?

Wingz are a fashion garment designed to make it really easy for women to add sleeves to any sleeveless top or dress. They come in a range of sizes to fit from a UK 6 to a 28 and you wear them underneath the top or dress of your choice. They’re designed to look like a part of the outfit and can be worn to match or contrast, with a huge selection of colours, styles and patterns to choose from. Our black stretch Wingz are the most popular design though – they are so versatile!

2. Why not just buy a long sleeved top?

Why should you have to? How many times have you been in a clothes shop, looking for an outfit for a special occasion, and only found sleeveless tops? Sometimes that’s just what you want, for a summer event or party, but lots of women don’t feel happy exposing their arms for cultural and modesty reasons, or perhaps they have a condition like lipoedema, like Michelle, Wingz inventor.

You might even feel self-conscious about ‘bingo wings’ or just not comfortable with the tops of your arms on show. We are all different – and Wingz make it easy to adapt that perfect sleeveless top to any occasion, event or climate.

3. How do you put them on?

It’s easy once you know how, but it can be a little tricky to get the hang of! We’ve put together a handy little video to show you just how to do it, but if you find that the back doesn’t want to pull all the way down, you might find you’re trying to put them on upside down; it’s a surprisingly common mistake! Wingz come in a wide range of sizes and are designed to take busts into account too, so there should be a size that’s perfect for you.

4. Aren’t they just like a cardi or a shrug?

Nope. The problem with a cardigan or a shrug, although you can get some gorgeous examples of both, is that they sit over your outfit and cover it up. So if you’ve spent a fortune on a sleeveless or strappy dress for a big party, and want to show it off, but it’s a bit chilly and you want to cover your arms, you have to hide your dress under another item of clothing. With Wingz, they sit discreetly under your outfit and either blend in or contrast with it, giving you the benefit of a longer sleeved top, warmer arms and the opportunity to show off your outfit properly.

You won’t accidentally leave Wingz behind on the back of a chair, either?

5. Do Wingz show under your clothes?

No, they are designed to look just like part of your outfit. The Wingz sit over your bra, so there’s no visible neckline, making them easier to wear under another top than a long sleeved tee which might have a clashing and visible neckline.

They are close fitting and elasticated to fit securely without falling off your shoulders or bunching up. Most people who try them say that they are so comfortable they barely know they are there!

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Georgina in her Wingz

Why not try Wingz for yourself? We’re giving you the opportunity to win a pair right now on our Facebook page – just tell us your favourite design and we’ll enter you into a draw to win them. Good luck!