Valentine's date night

Valentine’s Day – love it or hate it, there’s no escaping it. It’s the one day of the year completely dedicated to romance (or at the very least, getting your significant other to take you out for dinner) so you want to dress up for the occasion. But what do you wear on a date night loaded with so much significance?

The rules of V-day fashion are pretty much the same as any other date night; the first rule is that there are no rules, and you should wear what you’re comfortable in. If you want to feel your best in your Valentine’s date night ensemble, we have a few tips that might make your date, whether it’s early days or you’ve been together for years, a fashion success.

Comfort and style are Valentine’s date night winners

The off the shoulder trend is well and truly here to stay and makes it easy to show a little bit of skin without going over the top. Seductive is good but it’s February and we’re in for extremely cold weather so go easy on the visible flesh.

Comfortable heels are a must – it’s tempting to ramp up the glamour factor with your sexiest skyscrapers but save them for the bedroom when you get home and wear heels that look fab but don’t leave you gripping onto your date in terror of falling over or walking like you’ve had a ‘little accident’. You want to be able to stroll in confidently, not hobble in pain.

Find something that makes you feel good – whether it’s showing off your cleavage, accentuating your waist or a fun outfit that always gives you an extra shot of sass and confidence. You’ll look good if you’re feeling relaxed and happy. If you’re not keen on revealing your arms, it’s fine to keep them covered, you could slip on some black lace Wingz for a pretty outfit upgrade.

Wearing something you’ve worn before on your Valentine’s date night is a good idea, too. If you debut a brand-new outfit on a big date you might feel awkward, it might pull in a way you didn’t expect, ride up or just not feel very comfortable. If you wear something that’s already been ‘worn in’ you get an extra shot of confidence and won’t have to keep fiddling with whatever you’re wearing all night.

If it’s early days or even a first date – don’t automatically play it safe. Mix it up with patterns and colours, or fun accessories that give you

Last but not least – whatever your intentions after your Valentine’s date night, wear your favourite underwear. Even if you have absolutely no intention of showing it to your Valentine, knowing you have your most expensive, pretty set on under your outfit can give you an extra shot of confidence. Don’t opt for skimpy thongs – you don’t want to be fidgeting all night long. Choose something that makes you feel sophisticated and comfortable – and if you do end up revealing it, have fun!