New Look Inspire High Waisted Skinny Jean from ASOS Curve

The words ‘jeans’ and ‘shopping’, together in the same sentence, are two of the words that are most likely to strike fear and loathing into the heart of any plus size woman. But jeans will never, ever go out of fashion, so buying them occasionally is something that just has to be done.

You need to find jeans that flatter an ample bum as well as fit it properly, and the fit is vital – if you’re crushing all of your internal organs and creating a muffin top, those jeans DON’T fit. Even if you can zip them all the way up.

You’re looking for a comfy pair of jeans that sit on your waist rather than hang low. Low rise jeans aren’t really fashion forward these days even if you’re slim, but they look awkward and uncomfortable on a larger stomach. They feel terrible too – you just want to hoik them up all the time (or is that just me?) No, high waist or on the waist is the way to go if you want to feel comfortable and look good in your jeans.

Although you don’t want them to be too tight, you need them to be a reasonably snug fit to avoid that annoying gape at the back. Or worse, expose bum crack when you sit down. Oh no no no!

So, the age old argument; baggy or slim fitting? Paradoxically, skinny fit jeans are much more flattering on wide thighs than baggy or boot cut. Why? It’s because slim fitting clothes give you shape, and enhance the shape you have. Make everything baggy and loose and you’ll just look, well, baggy. If you don’t believe me, try on a pair of both in your size and look at the difference. Besides, boot cut jeans are so 1999.

So, there’s a few handy tips for getting the fit right, but where do you find jeans in a plus size?

The best range I’ve found for up to a size 26 is probably Next. There’s a huge range of styles, in different fits, colours and lengths. The only thing I would be aware of is that sometimes you think because the jeans fit you in one style, they will fit in another. Not so. In fact, sometimes you can order a pair in blue, love the fit, order the same in black and find you can’t do them up. I have absolutely no idea why that would happen but it does. Their skinny fit jeans are lovely and stretchy and they are great value.

Simply Be do a good range of denim too, up to a size 36, some with special ‘tummy control’ panels and other plus size features. Some of them are a little bit hideous – the sort of jeans you might see in the back of a Daily Mail Sunday supplement aimed at women of a certain age, but there are some good picks in there too, with florals, different colours and lengths and even jeggings all in plus sizes.

Evans used to be excellent for denim, but since they’ve closed down so many of the high street stores near me, I haven’t bought anything from there for ages. The website does have a good selection; there’s a ‘pear shape’ jeans selection with cropped jeans, straight cut jeans and boot cut if you still like them, all fitted for a pear shape. There are other styles and fits and with nothing over £25 I’d say they are a pretty good buy. The range is quite basic, with only two styles (straight and boot cut) and two colours, but they do go up to a 32.

For something on-trend, available in colours like wine and forest green, you might also want to check out ASOS Curve for their range of mostly skinny jeans from a size 18 – 28, or try Yours Clothing for a basic range of really good value jeans that start from £14 In the sale range) and are available to a size 32.

If you thought you couldn’t wear jeans….think again!