This warm weather has ignited the usual debate – do I get my arms out or not? I love the feeling of the sunshine on my bare skin, I’m not at all bothered by arm jiggle or worried about what people will think about my imperfect upper arms.

No, what always bothers me is wearing sleeveless and strappy tops when I seem to attract sunburn every time the temperature gets above about – oh, 15 degrees. It’s that bit right at the back that I can’t get to. If my beloved has gone to work and I’m umming and ahhing about what to wear, the thought of going outside and chancing the summer sun with a top that doesn’t at the very least cover my upper arms fills me with dread.

I’m sure I never used to burn as easily as I do now, and while I slather on factor 30 everywhere I can reach (and that includes my décolletage – I can’t stand the thought of a crepey cleavage, thank you very much) it doesn’t help when no amount of gymnastics will get the spray bottle at the right angle to spray the difficult to reach parts.

That’s’ just another reason why I love my Wingz. They aren’t just an ingenious way to change a sleeveless dress into a whole new outfit; they are bloody marvellous for covering your upper arms and avoiding sunburn. It’s the perfect solution! Last week I managed to wear a top that I don’t wear much unless it’s covered with a boring cardi, and not only make it look a bit different by adding black half-sleeve stretchy Wingz, but I didn’t have to worry about hiding from the sun, or sweating under another layer of clothes just to make sure I didn’t end up all blistered.

The top I was wearing them with is so pretty; it has a really unusual neckline with cut out bits that would be spoiled if I’d put a normal short sleeved top underneath, but because Wingz sit below the bust, they didn’t ruin the effect of the neckline at all, and just added a nice little bit or arm coverage!

You can see from the pictures that there’s a lot of exposed skin – that’s me in Italy a few years ago, and although I did wear it out, it was usually in the evening when the sun wasn’t so strong. The other problem with it is that it doesn’t cover bra straps, but again, with a well-placed pair of Wingz, they are hidden so I get support from the bra, arm coverage from Wingz and get to keep the top looking good at the same time.

Of course, if I was worried about my jiggly arm fat as a lot of plus size fashion loving women are, they’d also be a major bonus.
So – I’m no longer scared of the sunshine. Bring on the summer, my arms are ready for it!

COMPETITION: Have you got a top or a dress that would look great with Wingz underneath it this summer? Post a pic of it! You could win a pair of Wingz to go with your outfit if we like it – we have three pairs to give away.

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