It’s that time of year, the wedding invitations have been replied to and now you just have to find the right outfit to wear, whether you’re the mother of the bride, or a member of the congregation/guest list.

Weddings can be a source of stress for anyone at this time of year. You want to look elegant and classy, but you want to keep the sun (or the cold air, in a particularly unseasonable summer ) off of your arms. Goosebumps are not a good look, darling, and neither are sunburned shoulders.

At the same time, it sucks to have to ruin the look of the gorgeous dress you bought specially for the occasion with a tatty old cardigan. Shrugs look pretty as long as you stay still, but have a very disconcerting habit of sliding off your shoulders the minute you move. Dancing? Forget it.

When the shrug really starts to get on your nerves, you’ll leave it behind on the back of a chair, and after a few glasses of bubbly you’ll forget your rather irritating arm coverage and walk out of the wedding marquee without it, never to see it again. That comes from someone who has been known to do just that, and with expensive cardis as well. Not good at all.
Wingz, of course are fabulous for staying put under beautiful wedding outfits and actually enhancing them rather than ruining them. Look at the picture above for example; we added the Rose Chiffon Flared Wingz to a red lace dress and some super sexy red patent shoes and it made the dress look a bit more ‘wedding-y’ than if it was left sleeveless. And as for that hat…how cute is it?
The chiffon Wingz will just add to your dance routine after a few glasses of free Champagne too, just imagine waving your arms in the air with those beauties on!

We’re giving away a pair of Wingz this month – keep an eye on our Facebook Page for the latest competition news. Try them for yourself – you’ll be hooked!