The sun is out, the sky is blue, and to celebrate all that is darn wonderful about summer, we thought we would offer up a free pair of Wingz to one lucky reader.

Wingz have been featuring in the wardrobes of some of our favourite fashion bloggers in recent weeks, and have been scoring very highly for their fashion arm coverage. Everyone seems to love them; they go with everything and have so many uses.

• You can use them to stop getting sunburn in your shoulders if there’s nobody to rub in the lotion in the bits you can’t reach.
• If you have tops with beading or detailing that rubs or pinches under your arms, a pair of Wingz puts a stop to that right away.
• They are ideal for covering up tattoos for interviews or formal occasions.
• They give your wardrobe an extra bit of accessorising versatility! Put them under tops and dresses to get different looks and breathe new life into old outfits without having to spend a lot of money.
• If you’re not happy with your arms, maybe you have lipoedema or lymphoedema and you’re reluctant to show off your arms even when it’s hot, Wingz are better than a bulky cardi for giving you arm coverage without over-heating the rest of your body.
• Belly dancing, Salsa and burlesque dancers can jazz up a costume with interchangeable sleeves – we have everything from animal print to red chiffon, and they integrate with just about any outfit.
• Bridal arm coverage; did you know that Wingz even have a super exclusive bridal design, so you don’t have to say no to sleeveless wedding gowns if you don’t want too much flesh on show.
• If you need to cover your arms for modesty reasons but really love tops with no sleeves, you can quickly add a pair of Wingz to any outfit when you have to cover up, and they are easy to remove if you don’t need them anymore. Also useful on holiday for visiting holy sites where arms and shoulders need to be covered.

There are probably even more uses – if you can think of one we’ve missed, let us know!

There’s going to be a lot more activity here and on the FatPhrocks blog in weeks to come with exciting guest blogs and competitions. What better way to celebrate than with a giveaway?

We’re going to make this one really simple. If you were going to buy some Wingz today, which ones would you buy, and why? We’ll choose a winner at random and you’ll win the pair you chose.

That’s it. Just make sure that you leave your comment here on the blog and NOT on Facebook.

We’ll announce the winner on Friday 1st August. Good luck!