Get your Wingz out ladies, it would seem that we’re finally getting some sunshine this bank holiday weekend! To celebrate the appearance of the summer (although we’re told that it may just be an advance preview) we want to know where you wear your Wingz – with a competition to win a set of gorgeous floaty chiffon Wingz.

Wingz are the ideal fashion staple to pack when you go on your travels. They are perfect for taking with you if you’re off to visit a religious building where it’s expected that you must cover your shoulders. Let’s face it, when it’s hot the last thing you need to be doing is carrying a bulky cardigan around with you, so if you take a pair of chiffon Wingz with you, you can take them off as soon as you leave the place you’re visiting, and get your arms some sunshine again.

(We think that Melania and Ivanka could have done with a set for their encounter with the Pope this week – they look a bit hot in those black dresses!)

Wingz also work well if you’re going out for the day to the type of destination where it cools down a lot in the evening but can be really hot during the day. If popping back to your villa or hotel to change isn’t going to be an option, take your Wingz with you and you can change up your outfit with zero effort and keep your arms warm when the sun goes down.

You can wear your Wingz all night long!

Another benefit of slipping on your Wingz fashion sleeves in the evening is that it keeps the pesky mosquitoes at bay, although as yet we don’t have anything similar that you might be able to slip on to keep them away from your poor legs!

They look great in so many travel situations. If you’re lazing on the beach and the midday sun is starting to make your shoulders tingle, slap on a bit more sun screen and cover your shoulders with a set of Wingz to keep the hottest rays off your naked skin until things start to cool off. If you’ve left it too late and been burned, cool white Wingz over sunburn will stop the rays getting to the sore skin and making it even worse. If you have sunburn, opt for white Wingz as the white will reflect the sunlight while black, sophisticated as it looks, will absorb it and might heat up your sore patches uncomfortably.

Tell us where you want to wear YOUR Wingz

tell us where you wear your Wingz and win a set

Anyway – if you’d love to try a set of chiffon Wingz for yourself, all you have to do is comment over on our Facebook page and tell us where you would wear your chiffon Wingz. You could just be imagining – you don’t actually have to be going there, just tell us where in the world you’d love to wear your Wingz and our favourite three answers will win a set of chiffon Wingz in a choice of black or white*

You’ve got until 1st June to let us know where you would wear your Wingz  – or if you can’t wait and just want to get your hands on some now – the Wingz shop is open!

*subject to availability