If you’ve been glued to Wimbledon, you’ll have noticed some of the style statements on show, from the players and spectators alike. The first week was hot, hot hot and we’re actually quite glad that we weren’t sitting there as the temperatures rose to the mid-thirties – a pair of Wingz might be good for cooler days but they aren’t going to keep you cool on a freakishly hot day in SW17!

Fashion has always played a big part in Wimbledon. It seems bizarre to think about it but over 100 years ago, an American tennis player called May Sutton Bundy, caused a real upset by revealing her arms at the women’s finals – bearing in mind that she was wearing a floor length crinoline dress and a corset as well, you can only imagine just how hot she must have been under that lot. She won the game but was more famous for showing her arms and apparently making King George V cry…not much changes there, then? Don’t get us started on the Lionesses….

There’s an unofficial dress code for Wimbledon spectators that’s thankfully more relaxed than it was in King George’s time.

The only things banned from Centre Court are ripped jeans, vests, running shorts and dirty trainers, which we’d hazard a guess aren’t the sort of thing most of us would rock up to a day out at the tennis in anyway. The rules only apply to Centre Court anyway, so you can wear absolutely anything if you’re watching any of the other games. Most people do try and dress up for the occasion though – and so they should!

This year, white is very much in evidence as the colour of choice for women – its popularity doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. It’s perfect for keeping cool as long as the temperatures aren’t abnormally hot – dress up one of the ubiquitous sleeveless white dresses that abound at this time of year with a pair of lace or chiffon Wingz if you prefer a little arm coverage. Remember that even Wingz covered arms need sunscreen though – white does reflect the sun more than darker colours do but the sun penetrates lighter fabrics when the weather is hot so it’s better to be safe than sorry.

If white is a bit too unforgiving for you, a cream shade flatters most complexions and is easier for many people to wear than a striking bright white.

Hem wise, mid length seems to be the way to go this summer, which is good news for any of us not blessed with what the Daily Mail would refer to as ‘toned pins’. Opt for a pretty, floaty dress and if you go for a plain fabric you can accessorise it with a statement necklace and of course your favourite Wimbledon hat! Sunnies are non-negotiable too, and can really set off an outfit as well as shielding your eyes from the glare of the sun on the tennis court.

Add a mid-height wedge shoe or an espadrille for effortless Wimbledon cool and comfort, and enjoy the match!