Yeah, I know that was a hideous pun. But it was in a good cause.

Packing is one of the few things I don’t like about going on holiday. The others usually involve airports, security checks and the alarms going off when they pick up on my bra underwire….the shame.

With baggage restrictions getting stricter every year, anything that makes it easier to create two or more outfits from one item has to be a good thing. You need to be able to adapt to the inevitable ‘grotty day’ if you’re going somewhere sunny, and who wants to take baggy, bulky cardis in their case when you could be taking another pair of shoes…(is that just me…?)

If you’re struggling to get your baggage to come in under the limit, you might have to consider streamlining your holiday wardrobe.

Make sure that the bulk of what you’re taking is versatile items that you can dress up for a night out and down for some sightseeing. For example taking a sexy maxi dress from FatPhrocks is a winning strategy as they look elegant and classy with their details and clever finishes, but they are casual enough to be a day dress too. Add in a few pairs of Wingz and you can wear the same dress during a cool day, balmy summer evening or really hot day in the sun.

Take tops that can be dressed up with accessories and look equally good with skinny jeans and your killer heels as they do with flip flops & shorts.

Remember that in some countries, modesty matters. It’s OK to be on the beach with your body on show but if you want to visit religious monuments, for example, you’ll be expected to cover up. Take Wingz with you; not only can you put them on under a skimpy top while you’re looking round the monuments, but you can easily take them off and pop them in your handbag afterwards if you want to show a bit more flesh.

Don’t take shoes that are tight normally, because your feet will swell up in the heat. The best shoes are usually flats, sandals and shoes that give your toes room to breathe and expand.

If you need to take anything bulky like trainers, wear them on the flight, so you don’t take up valuable luggage space. It can be a bit chilly on a plane so you’re better off having it with you on your journey.

Roll your knickers, socks  and swimwear up tightly and stuff it into tight corners to make more room in your case. Shoes can be great places to stuff your undies! Rolling instead of folding also stops things getting too creased.

Do you have any sure fire holiday packing tips? Tell us in the comments below!