We’re a generous bunch at FatPhrocks, and as we love our loyal blog followers so much, we’ve decided to let you be the first to know about a fantastic competition we’re running to win a £20 voucher towards ANYTHING on the Wingz website. Yes, you heard me right, you could spend your £20 on a pair of these gorgeous, floaty chiffon Wingz.

Or, how about funking it up with some bold, bright and quite frankly rather beautiful purple chiffon Flare Wingz? These are also available in black, white, blue and red, to match with just about any outfit.

If you’re after something a little plainer, these are really popular, especially at the time of year when one minute it’s sunny and the next the heavens have opened and it feels just like February again. These ¾ length stretch Wingz go with just about anything, are also available in white and turn up versions, so you could go mad and put your £20 towards one of each!

We’ve also been having a little play around with different looks for Wingz, and look what we did with a pair of Red Chiffon Volume Wingz! How cool would this ensemble look?

So, what do you have to do, in order to win these goodies from your favourite tall, plus size fashion retailer? It’s dead easy. Just ‘like’ our Facebook Page, and enter the super-easy competition via the ‘ENTER GIVEAWAY’ tab. We’ll ask you one simple question, the answer to which is in this blog post, and the lucky winner will be picked at random by the app on Monday 9th June.
Before you go – we’d love you to write in the comments box – which Wingz would you spend your £20 on and why?