We love reading plus size fashion blogs and checking out the style of our favourite bloggers, and one of our favourites is the gorgeous Betty Pamper, who writes for the stylish ‘Pamper and Curves’ blog.

Betty definitely has her very own style, so we were incredibly excited when she tried out our Wingz and wrote about them on her blog. Of course, we were even happier that she really loved them. Betty said:

I’m not sure what the weather is like where you are but it’s still a tad nippy here in West Kirby and really the last thing I wanted to do is put  a cardigan over this (dress) and spoil the shape. So I was very pleased to be sent a couple of sets of Wingz to try out.

“Don’t let the name fool you these aren’t a new sanitary pad they are sleeves which you can add to any clothes without them. I was slightly sceptical as to how they would work but I am absolutely taken with them.

“I was sent the size 2 and they were very comfortable and well fitted. I have a lace pair as well which I will also try out but I think this black pair will be getting so much use.”

We think Betty looks absolutely stunning in her gorgeous chiffon tunic, and of course we can’t fault her choice of accessories. These are one of our best-selling Wingz, for obvious reasons, and they look fantastic on Betty.

Also: That pink handbag is just to die for.

Thanks for such a positive review, Betty!