We may have mentioned this before, but we’re all about body confidence and feeling good about the way you look here at Wingz Fashion. So it really gets on our nerves when we see yet another article slamming celebrity style choices.


Doesn’t Florence Welsh suit that gold coloured dress? Nobody seems to be able to carry off ‘quirky’ quite so effortlessly as Flo.

Cheryl Fernandez-Versini looks so cute in this cheeky daffodil yellow ensemble, it’s a daring outfit but we think she looks lovely in it. Reminds us of spring!

This time of year, it’s open season for nasty articles about celebrity style. The BAFTAS, Brits, Oscars, you name it; the knives are out for any female who doesn’t look the way that the journalists on any particular magazine or newspaper think she should.

We think it’s about time they called a halt to the bitchiness.

We’re going to start right here by saying positive things about some of the Brit attendees’ outfits that were slated in the press this week (in case you hasn’t noticed that already.) And we think it would be great if you did too. Comment positively on the photos you see online, don’t take part in Facebook discussions about how awful Rihanna or Adele looked (they didn’t) and rise above it. There’s way too much negativity about women and the way we look in the media and in general, and unless we take a stand, it’s all going to get worse.


Rihanna is channelling the 90s crop top like a pro here, and if you’re going to be twerking on stage, you need trousers that shimmy, right?

Not only that; it makes us ALL feel bad. Who hasn’t looked at a picture of someone being slated for their fashion sense and felt a creeping sense of unease as we think to ourselves “But I think she looks good” – or felt inadequate when a star with hardly an ounce of extra weight to spare is criticised for her “fuller figure”? All this is designed to make us feel as if we have to change, make ourselves better and most importantly SPEND MONEY on things to make us look better, lose weight, hide our age and generally change ourselves into a media-acceptable version of our perfectly lovely selves.


Adele – well what can we say? It makes a refreshing change to see her in this gorgeous shade of red rather than classic black, we think the colour looks amazing on her and complements her skin tone and hair colour perfectly.

DON’T do it, ladies. Be different, be happy with who you are, be yourself. Wear whatever you want and express your individuality.. Don’t hide your body because people think it’s a bad thing, or it doesn’t fit in with the Daily Mail’s idea of feminine perfection. It’s your body and if you want to wear clothes that make you feel good, do so.

Wingz Fashion Challenge


We’ve added some images here of a few of the outfits that have been criticised in the press – it would be brilliant if you would comment here or on Facebook about what you like about them; or add comments about the style choices you really loved from this week’s awards. Have fun!