We all know just how versatile a set of Wingz sleeves can be, whether you want to dress up a tee or dress down a strappy dress. Covering up in the cold, dressing for modesty, even hiding tattoos from your granny, there’s 101 different ways to wear Wingz and we’re constantly impressed with the inventive ways that fashion and lifestyle bloggers make the most of our favourite fashion accessory.

Here are a few of our favourites just to give you some ideas…

Dress up a tee with full length Wingz sleeves

Latte Lindsay Wingz sleeves

We sent Lindsay a set of black lace Wingz and she really went for it, wearing them under one of her favourite tees. She reviewed the set we sent at the start of last year in glowing terms;

“The idea is simple, pick a pair of sleeves to turn at top into a new, longer sleeve version. When I was asked which set I wanted, I said, “I don’t care, just send me a black set!” And I got the black lace. Don’t get me wrong, the black lace are lovely but I wish I had asked for a plain black version. Once I put them on, I was in love!”

As she loved the idea of the plain set so much, what else could we do but send a set for her to try with her tees in winter time. So in October 2017, Lindsay reviewed the long sleeve plain black stretch Wingz and said;

“You have a load of geek t-shirts that the world should see but don’t want your arms getting cold. Boom! Get some Wingz! They slip on under a t-shirt to create a long-sleeved version! I am completely in love with this pair of plain black ones.”

Latte Lindsay plain black Wingz

That’s the casual look nailed RIGHT THERE. But what about if you want to dress up a plain outfit with some snazzy Wingz sleeves?

Dressing it up and wearing it out

You’ve seen what happens when we give a creative t-shirt loving fashion blogger a set of black Wingz – what happen when we gift a set of beautiful, elegant white lace Wingz to an equally stylish blogger? Well, Charley can tell you. She styled up this denim dress beautifully with the Wingz we sent and said:

“This is one of my go to layering dresses. It’s perfect over patterned long sleeved tops, or even under a fluffy jumper with the collar peeking out. It’s starting to get cooler, but some days it’s still not cold enough to properly layer up, but these sleeves are perfect. They add a layer to your arms without making your middle too wrapped up like it would with another top, or even a cardigan.”


We’ve included three fab images of Charley as she really does get playful, styling the Wingz on and off-shoulder and also – we LOVED the tights!

We’d love to see wat you do with Wingz, and how creative you can be with Wingz sleeves. Now would seem to be as good a time as any to remind you that not only are Wingz on offer at 25% off until 11 February, (just use the code ‘winter’ at checkout) – but also that the 50% off a set of Wingz if you send us a selfie of how you wear yours and let us post it to our Facebook page is also still valid!

So…how do you wear Wingz sleeves?