Whether you’ve got tickets for one of the matches or you’re just going to chance your luck on Murray Hill, Wimbledon can be a difficult one to dress.

Dressing for outdoor summer events, whether we’re talking about outdoor concerts and festivals, sporting events of garden parties always has to take into account the unpredictability of the Great British Climate; even the most up to date weather forecasts can be caught out by a sudden thunder storm.

If you’re going to be watching any of the big games from a vantage point on Murray Mound in SW19, you need to be prepared. Fashion isn’t as important as comfort, so I’d definitely go for the comfiest shoes possible, and something that you’re not too worried about getting muddy if the heavens open and the hill gets squelchy. Take something waterproof, and layer up with some fashionable arm coverage that’s not going to heat you up too much but will keep bare arms covered if you need a bit of defence against a sudden chill. Try some Wingz underneath a loose tunic or dress, with leggings or jeans underneath, depending on the weather.

If you’re lucky enough to be watching from the shade of the court, you’ll still need to be prepared for whatever the weather throws at you, but the fashionistas are predicting that centre court style is going to be dominated by the dress in 2014. White is also a trend to be looking out for; perfect for a hot June day. If you’re not confident of your ability to keep strawberry juice off your outfit, red is an option for bolder Wimbledonistas (is that a word?) and block pastels will be another popular choice with the tennis-going elite.

Inspired by Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, dresses are going to be elegant and demure, rather than tiny and strappy, even if the sun is strong. Fabrics which don’t crease if you’re sitting down for hours on end are a must (you might even get papped) as are smart wedges a la Kate – and the obligatory hats and sunglasses will complete the look. Mirrored shades seem to be getting more than their fair share of celebrity exposure right now, so you could invest in some retro style sunnies.
Whether you’re watching the Wimbledon tournament from your sofa, the pub, the Hill or Centre Court, have a great time…and did anyone mention Pimms?