We’ve had a lot of comment on Facebook recently about Wingz – most of it has been really flattering but by far the most common mean comments have been ‘why don’t you just buy a top with long sleeves?’ or ‘get a cardigan’.

Clearly, these people need educating in the difference between Wingz, and the two alternatives to getting cold arms, the shrug and the cardigan.

The cardi cover up

When you think of cardigans, do you think of unadulterated style and glamour, or do you get a vision of the late Pauline Fowler from East Enders? Most people have one or two in their wardrobe – they are of course great to throw on when you’re watching TV and feeling a bit chilly – but don’t want to turn the heating up again. They are great for the school run or a trip to the corner shop when it’s not quite cold enough for a coat but it’s still a bit too cool for bare arms.

The thing is; if you spend ages picking out a gorgeous dress or top for a night out or a big occasion, why would you want to cover it up with a bulky cardi that hides all the detail? If you’ve found a beautiful dress but it just happens to not have any sleeves, you can still buy it and just add a matching or contrasting pair of Wingz underneath it so that you get the elegance of the outfit, and can see the shape and detail, but get to keep your arms warm, or covered if you need to for modesty reasons. Some people love Wingz because they aren’t too confident in exposing their arms, too, and that’s fine. Why should you have to hide your pretty dress just because you choose not to show your arms?

The shrug struggle

Cardigans are also prone to slipping off your shoulders and getting in the way. As are shrugs, which always look so elegant – until you try and move anywhere while wearing one and realise you’re doomed to having to spend the rest of the day pulling it back up over your shoulders. Most of the time, a shrug will get on your nerves so much that you end up taking it off. Am I right?

The Wingz arm coverage advantage

Wingz aren’t just on-trend and affordable – they are incredibly convenient too. You can pop them in a bag and take them out with you, so if you’re heading out to an all-day event, all you need to do is nip to the ladies’ or a quiet room and slip the Wingz on under your top for subtle arm coverage as the evening starts to get cooler. No goose bumps for you!

For anyone who sneers, “Buy a dress with sleeves” – I challenge you to find one. That is all!

Sleeves aren’t really fashionable for most evening dresses, which come in all variations on strappy but rarely with much of a sleeve. So Wingz give your wardrobe an added dimension. They also work beautifully to liven up a plain dress or top. If you’ve got a black dress that’s been in your wardrobe for ages and worn to death, but is just SO comfortable, add some lace Wingz for a completely new look. Or jazz it up with some gorgeous bright chiffon sleeves. A whole new look for a LOT less than the cost of most new dresses.

It’s your call…but there’s more than one reason our loyal customers love their Wingz…