Yes, that does sound like a bit of a tenuous link, but the World Cup in 2022 is not so far away – and there have already been some headlines in the newspapers about the dress code in Qatar. And that’s on top of the latest news about the tournament being moved somewhere else.

Qatar expects anyone who goes to watch the World cup to abide by its own traditions and laws – one of which insists that all people attending the tournament dress modestly. Can you imagine how hot it’s going to be out there though? If you’re a football fan hoping to see some action in Qatar, you’ll have to be prepared for draconian rules on arm coverage. You won’t be able to swelter off some of the searing Qatari hear in a sun dress or strappy top, you could find yourself arrested!

Don’t stress though – you don’t have to worry about covering up in a long-sleeved cardi or wearing a top that comes right down to your wrists. Wingz are the perfect cover up when it’s 50 degrees and you have to cover your arms…and with so many full length Wingz to choose from, you can definitely find something in the England colours that will match your top, dress or t-shirt without offending the sensibilities of any patrolling officials…

Chiffon Wingz come in red, white and blue varieties for some nice arm coverage…and if you’re not feeling floaty (although they would be perfect for letting the breeze in if there is any) there are full and three quarter length Wingz in loads of colours as well as pretty lace designs that might even accentuate a summer dress instead of covering it up like a cardigan.

Unfortunately, we’ don’t know how you’re going to get around the ‘leggings are not pants’ diktat, but we have four years to come up with a solution to that one…

Wings are the perfect solution for any occasion when you’re expected to cover your arms for modesty – whether you’re visiting a holy building on holiday, or your culture dictates that arms need to be covered, even in the heat.

Meanwhile, have you posted your perfect outfit for Wingz yet? The competition runs until next month and we’re not only giving away £20 towards anything on the Wingz website with the easy to enter Facebook competition, but our favourite three outfits will win a pair of Wingz to match! Just post your outfit (you don’t have to be wearing it) below, or on the Facebook Page.

Good luck!