Festival people, facial expression

Are you off to any festivals this summer? Glastonbury?  Latitude? V? Reading? Leeds?

Lucky you, if you are. Festivals are one of the great joys of the British summer, even if the weather can be a bit of a gamble and most of them are just as famous for their mud as they are the headline acts.

There’s definitely an art to festival dressing. This year, the in-crowd camping out right at the front of the Glastonbury Pyramid Stage are likely to be rocking the Hunter wellies, cut-off jeans and flower garland look that refuses to die and is accessorise with a waterproof cagoule. Or as my old Nan used to call it, a ‘pac-a-mac’.

The Boho look has been trying to make a comeback in 2015, and recreate the vibe of Kate Moss and Sienna Miller circa 2004 with maxi skirts, teeny vest tops and sandals. Add some chunky ethnic jewellery, a slouchy wide belt and a pair of big sunnies and you’ve nailed it. All you’d be missing is Joss Stone, Nelly Furtado and Oasis headlining the Friday night…

Around the alternative & dance stages at most festivals the looks can be a bit more eclectic but you’ll find reminiscing 30-40 year olds busting a move to old skool rave mixing with kids only just old enough to get into a club legitimately, so there’ll be a curious mix of neon, glitter and feathers. Feathers are also predicted to be a firm favourite for the Glastonbury West Holts crowd, with ever-so-slightly dodgy looking Native American headdresses becoming a fashion statement and the occasional pair of statement sunglasses in evidence.

Festivals are fabulous for fancy dress. If you don’t want to be one of the crowd, pick a theme and dive on in. I’ve known girls who spent the entire Latitude festival one year dressed as cleaning ladies, so be imaginative with your ideas and you might end up on the front pages of Grazia magazine as one of their festival looks!


One of the things all festival-goers have to take into account is the awkward English weather. One day it can be hot like 2010, the next it’s muddy like 2007, and then the storms kick in and knock all the power out like 2014! Be prepared – take the wellies, the cagoule and a sun hat. Cater for all eventualities. Take a couple of pairs of Wingz with you to; they are really handy for popping in your bag and just slipping on under your top if it gets a but chilly and you don’t want to bulk up with a cardi – then when it warms up again you can just whip them off and pop them back in your bag! No need to carry a cardi around like this hot-looking festival goer…

Which festivals have you been to? Have you got any fab festival anecdotes? We want to hear them!