With all the depressing news about certain Hollywood moguls in the news, and the emergence of the #metoo hashtag, it’s been a grim week for women in the media.

But one thing that’s coming across loud and clear is that #metoo is bringing together women from all walks of life and showing us all just how powerful it is when people – mostly women – stick together and build each other up rather than tearing each other down; something we’re very passionate about at Wingz.

While all this has been going on, we’ve been quietly going about updating our website – what do you think? We love our new imagery, to be honest the autumnal feel really does seem appropriate now as the nights are starting to draw in, and the images seem to convey a sense of female camaraderie, women smiling and laughing, supporting each other.

#metoo friends

As you know if you’ve followed our blogs for some time, Wingz supports diversity and inclusivity. We’re proud that Wingz have been picked up by women who like to dress modestly for religious or other reasons and are proving popular with the modest fashion blogging community.

We’ve always been pleased to support body confidence and positivity – and that extends to all women, whether they are plus size or slim or somewhere in-between. We also love to hear any reviews from trans women who are wearing Wingz too. They are truly an inclusive, body positive accessory that can be helpful if you need to cover up for any reason…but also if you just want to have some fun with your wardrobe and don’t want to retire your summer tops and dresses just yet.

What about #metoo ?

Back to the #metoo movement and women sticking together though. It’s awesome watching the hashtag taking over the Internet and realising NOT how many women have been affected by these issues, but how supportive and strong women are when they pull together. It’s a shame it’s taken something as hideous as recent events to galvanise that, but I totally believe that, as the meme goes – women really ARE like tea bags…

#metoo teabags

Whether we’re coming together to support our friends as they are going through a difficult time, supporting causes that we believe in, or simply sharing our experiences on social media, one thing that we should never ever underestimate is the power of women when they support each other.