It’s Fashion Week time of year again, and we’ve been keeping a very close eye on the runways of New York to see what the stateside fashionistas think we’ll all want to wear in spring/summer 2015.

If your feet are groaning from the proliferation of skyscraper heels over the last two or more seasons, you can put away the bunion pads and thank the lord for flats, which are coming back in, in a big way. Victoria Beckham debuted her own range of interesting flat styles adorned with flowers but still strangely masculine. The downside to VBs shoe design was that it swapped the discomfort of the killer heel for the pain of the skinny winkle picker, but we can’t have everything.

Sportswear is going to be a ‘thing’ in 2015. Whether that means we have to do sporty things in it or can just wear it to sit in Costa with our latte isn’t yet decided, but big names like Alexander Wang went for day-glo sports inspired luxe – brightly coloured dresses that look as if you could probably run for a bus in them (if you were wearing Victoria Beckham flats). It was probably to be expected as his long-awaited H&M collection features tracksuits and boxing gloves – really – so there was always bound to be a little crossover.


If sportswear leaves you cold, there’s always gingham. The little girl lost look appealed to the designers – Diane von Furstenberg showed pretty dresses in a somehow almost-sexy gingham fabric that add a mature touch to the perennial schoolgirl material. Also in a similar vein, Oscar de la Renta went for girly blue and pastel pink gingham style checks and there was lace EVERYWHERE. The whole collection reminded me of the White Lace Stretch Wingz which would accessorise with a lot of the sleeveless designs that were paraded down the runway.


There seems to be a lot of femininity on display – you could be daring and adopt the hip high split that was in evidence during some of the shows, or just show a little bit of feminine décolletage if you’re feeling more modest.

From pastels to super brights there’s a look to suit every style, if not budget, from the top designers in NYC. We’ll be keeping a close eye on London and Milan to see what inspiration they’ll bring us for the coming year…